WHERE ARE THE BEST WAVES? This week was filled with a lot of waves. I headed up the coast for two days with a crew of Wilder Schultz and Ruan De Bruin. Ruan is the co-owner of Saffa Surf Tours (linked below). Ruan and his fiancé have started a Surf tours and yoga retreat just north of Cape Town. Please if you are interested in waves around Cape Town, give them a shout for guided tours to the best places available. I then had a good training sessions with Philip Nel and also got to get in a sunset with Rosie.

On Sunday, I rode some good waves at Caves as well as going to a local Root 44 Market. It has been an awesome week with some of the best waves so far. Most of the footage from these days were filmed with a GoPro and a Xtreme Xccessories Mouth Mount. Let me know what you link about the video… 

Saffa Surf Tours
Website: https://saffasurftours.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saffa_surf/