Heading up to West Beach in Port Alfred I had no idea what we were in for. Pumping waves for 3 days at the wedge at West Beach while the beaches and entire town turned into an epic buzz of excitement for this years Royal St. Andrews Hotel Easter Festival. After some tough competition throughout the weekend I came out on top just above an on form Codi Butterworth. Everyone put on such a good display of wave riding and I am happy to be apart of this years event. I also managed to get a second behind someone I have always watched and inspired to ride like, Sascha Taljaard, in the dropknee.

To top it all off we were able to have two TV crews stop by to ask some questions and feature our sport on the news. I also had the opportunity to talk in front of 200 guests at the opening function of the event. I would like to thanks everyone who was a part of organising us such an amazing event as well as to Clint Millard and his wife Lize for hosting myself and Rose. Also a huge thanks to SABA for their involvement in pushing the sport in the right direction.

Here are some images of the event by Rosie Lombard:

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