This is Vlog 2. This week has been very relaxed. I headed up to Durban at the end of last week and was there till Wednesday. It was great to get up to my home town and see family and friends that I had not seen in ages. I was there for four days before heading back to Cape Town. I headed back to Cape Town and had two days training with Le Roux and Nel again. The second day was a head-to-head against a surfer Adin Masencamp. He is a younger surfer that also trains with Philip. It was so good to see the similarities as well as differences between our strengths and weaknesses. 

After training with Phil I went and rode some waves at the Hoek. In the vlog I also show you what I have for breakfast. My breakfast is a mixture of chia seeds, berries, fruit and nuts. The latter part of the week saw me getting a sinus infection and put me out the water. I have been battling this infection for a while now but it seems to be lessening as we draw closer to the Port Alfred event coming in the next week. 

The event coming up in Port Alfred will be the first ever APB World Tour event to happen on South African soil. I have been to the last few events at this incredible beach break and it has always been so much fun. There is always a good vibe and on most days there are some insane waves on offer. This time will be no different as I have already heard that the banks and sand is really good at the moment. 

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