So I finally did it! This is my first Vlog. I have been trying to put this together and after some hard work and a lot of time editing clips here it is. I had an amazing time doing it. It is the most nerve racking experience to start to take a camera and film the on goings of my life. To first start by filming yourself and talking to the camera is always hard work. I wanted to show everyone about my training, riding and everything in between. Vlog 1 is a bit drawn out but I really enjoyed it. I have always liked taking photos but video is a new world that I am learning and really enjoyed this new and exciting journey. the camera work is way easier than I thought it would be for me to produce content that shows my life. 

This week I headed to caves for a few days and got some really fun waves. Then I had my birthday and ended up getting some pumping waves at the Hoek. It was an epic week filled with waves. I then went head to head with Rosie as she wanted to come train with me and Philip at Le Roux and Nel. This week then finished with some family time in Durban as well as heading to North Beach, where I grew up, for some waves. It was a good response that I got from people that can now see exactly what my life is like and what I am doing each day. I was lucky enough to do an interview with Chiara who is a Argentinian Bodyboarder living in Canada. She spoke about what she wants to do with women’s bodyboarding worldwide that sounds very exciting. If you want to see what she is about check the link below. 

Chiara Cittadini’s Instagram: committedtogetpitted