The new Deluxe Bicep Leash from Sniper Bodyboards, endorsed by Iain Campbell is one of the best leashes on the market. It is designed to be strong and functional as well as keep you safe in some very tough situation. First off the leash is very lightweight and has a good size reversible coil. This allows you to wear the leash on your bicep without the coils spreading and becoming a problem. The leash has some cool new technologies that will help prolong the life of the leash and allow you to ride with this leash for a long period of time.


The leash comes in two different sizes. First we have a S/M size leash. This will be for people who have smaller arms, preferred for kids or someone who would want to get into a leash that is going to be tight. The second is a L/XL size which is the size that I personally use and prefer. It opens up to allow a looser but still tight enough fit and still very comfortable for most riders. To me this is the best fit that you can have and will be able to be worn by most adults.

Leash Technology

The Deluxe Bicep Leash is made up of four different parts that makes it similar but different to your average leash: Plug and String, Reversible Coil, Swivels and Rings and Bicep Strap.

Bicep Strap

The make-up of the bicep strap is of a heavy velcro that in lined with an extended padded inner lining to support heavy pulls on the board. This padding allows for the velcro to move around on top of the lining and not bite into your skin like other leashes. This makes the leash have a tight yet comfortable fit. It is also noted that there is a small piece of elastic between the inner padded lining that holds the leash together. This is a safety mechanism that means if the Velcro had to fail at any instance, the leash would still be attached to you. It also helps when putting the leash on as it keeps the loop together and you don’t have to try hold and line things up to get it strapped.

The Reversible Coils

The tight but small reversable coils are an awesome addition to have. This allows for the leash to be reversed to bring it back to its original form. It makes for a nice tight set of coils not to get in the way around the nose of the board or under your body when performing moves or riding waves.

Swivels and Rings

All through the leash there are quality components such as the strong ring and swivels system that allow limited twisting in the leash. This keeps the leash from making twists and turns on itself and the quality means that there is no sticking or breaking at unfortunate times while riding.

Plug and String Tie

The plug and string system is made from a strong quality plastic that will not break or become brittle from being in the sun. It is molded to fit in the bodyboard and not move at all. Pair this plug with the good long string that allows for an overhand loop knot to be tied and you have a perfect combination for pushing your limits while knowing your board will stay attached.

I have been riding with Deluxe Bicep Leash from Sniper Bodyboards, endorsed by Iain Campbell for the past year and I am proud of the product and design that Sniper Bodyboards have put together. Although a leash is a small part of the gear it is an important piece of equipment when you look at riding waves on a bodyboard and the safety of a rider. I have put this leash through its paces and I am happy to say that this leash will stand up to the harshest conditions you can throw at it. I am proud of all the technology and quality components that Sniper Bodyboards have used on such a piece of equipment. Try it out for yourself and you will see why I trust in this Deluxe Bicep Leash from Sniper Bodyboards, endorsed by Iain Campbell so much!

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