Sand, sun and some really fun waves… and then the wind started blowing. It’s not too uncommon for the wind to be blowing at this time of the year in Cape Town. The east winds rip through the country, over the Helderberg Mountain range and smash the coast in a insane fashion. This Sunday Funday was no different. Winds pumped through faster than ever but that did help shape the bank to create some really fun waves. I was lucky enough to be joined by Rosie down to the beach with my camera and she stood there shooting all the action while we got some good time in the ocean. She has taken a liking to filming me in the water while watching from the beach and I really love looking at the footage and creating content afterwards. 

These good days of waves seem to be thick and fast. This, along with me being able to start training at Le Roux and Nel Biokinetics, with Philip, for two weeks now and the differences are insane to see. I also was lucky to start with a new Chiropractor, Jacques Breitenbach who has been clicking and twisting me. This was to eliminate some pain through my spine and neck area. There is a vital need for us to keep our bodies ready for high impacts that bodyboarding can produce. Your body needs to be at its peak if you are wanting to compete at the top of your game. We keep wanting to call bodyboarders “professional athletes” and this is what professionals need to be doing in order to see longevity. I would love to see more of the guys using these people to get to their peaks and find those people that will help them to get to the next level. 

Here is a clip of me filmed and edited by Rosie Lombard: