I am starting a vlog post. I have decided to do vlog to show people what my life is actually about. This has been a long time thought of mine. I wanted to show people that my lifestyle didn’t just involve heading out and getting waves. There are so many different aspects to my daily life that people would be so excited to see. Already there has been a huge interest on my training as well as diet. Now for some people this may be boring but I was blown away by how many people have contacted me with questions about these aspects. 

In these vlogs I will be focusing on my daily life and get a little bit personal into my life so people can see the ups and downs. This will also help my sponsors get maximum exposure and even get a few more sponsors on board. I am looking to show these people the real Iain Campbell and not just the photos and video you see of me on my social media platforms but get into my life. Come on the journey with me and you will see for yourself that the professional bodyboarder lifestyle is not as easy as it all seems. I will be posting Vlogs once a week on Monday morning. 

This is an edit from one of the days that I was getting waves at my new local spot in Cape Town, South Africa. I was filming most of the time on either my GoPro or at times using the new Sony a6500 that I recently got. The clip is a preview to what is to be expected with these vlogs. It is going to be a wild and new adventure for me to be on so I am very excited to see where this is going to take me. Join me on my week!