Earlier in the trip we have the chance to head up to Peniche to ride one of the world famous waves, Supertubos. It is like no other beachy. Flat on both sides of a peak that just splits to a left and right bomb with huge end bowls on the end. Such an epic day with some of the crew I was staying with for the Sintra Pro 2017. Lucky to sneak a couple between all the madness and locals out here in Portugal. I was happy to be out there and looked a bit different with a GoPro attached to a Mouth Mount but I was able to catch some good waves and even got the opportunity to do some backflips and a reverse air.



In between the riding here in Portugal I also got the opportunity to visit a bodyboard store in the South Bay of Lisbon. The Miramar Bodyboard Shop stocks the GT Board range including my Pro Model which hung proudly in the Shop window. I got to meet the owner as well as some cool bodyboarders who are crazy over the new range of boards. We had Hugo Pinhero there with the Red Bull Portugal Wings Team to show some love and give out a few cans which really made the vibe that much better. 

Thanks to XtremeXccessories for the help with the mouth mount on such short notice back in South Africa. It really has been working a charm here in the waters of Portugal. More to come soon!