I always love coming back to the Hawaiian Islands. The past few years I have been coming back to Hawaii to join in on the Winter here and score some amazing waves. Every year it most certainly has its ups and downs. Conditions have been tough here this year. A fair amount of bad North direction winds meant the season started slow. With limited swell it left lots of sand on the beach causing backwash out to the main peak at Pipe. I was lucky enough to be able to get one day at Waimea Bay as well as put a lot of time out in the water at Pipeline. 

As far as the season goes, it has been a really good time here with good friends. The waves haven’t met expectations but I have been lucky to be here and get some waves in amongst the craziness. I have tried to ride Pipe as much as possible to try and get some good content for a clip that I will be putting together soon. As this is the first Part to my Hawaii post I will be showing some of my best videos of the season so far. Really stoked at how this came out and I’m sure you will say the same thing.