This week I was busy. I did Lion’s Head Hike, Cape Town, on Monday. I went up to the top of Lion’s Head with a good friend from Durban. We were living together in a flat in Cape Town and when he was down here on a holiday trip he called me up and asked if I would like to join him on a Monday morning hike. I obviously obliged! I then got some waves, shopped and did a HIIT Workout on Wednesday. Waves were very average and kind of got a little fed up with my riding. 

Friday then turned into a very busy day full of chiropractors, dentists and then a Discovery Health Fitness assessment. I then decided that 4x4ing in my Subaru Forester was a great idea on Sunday. We headed up into the mountains above Grabouw close to where I live. It was some great times with an epic bunch of people just to boot. I was able to get my car unto some tough spaces and it was fun to test it on the rocky passes. Watch my week unfold right here!

Next week and Vlog 4 will be all about the preparation for the first event of 2018. I am heading up to Port Alfred to compete in the West Beach Warfare, an event that I have done well in the last two years. I will be driving up tomorrow and hopefully not get too much traffic as schools and people decide to take a holiday at this time of the year. I am really excited to get the jersey on again and get competing at a local event that is not on the World Tour. It is a huge step forward for the bodyboarding community here in South Africa and I’m looking forward to the fun!