Another slow week for us in Hawaii. The waves have been a little smaller with some swell showing for the event this past weekend. I was lucky to get a couple of sessions in between the contest and get a swim in at a secret turtle beach to snag some photos.

The contest began on Sunday. Although they ran the event a select few of us headed to a signing with the T & C Surf Shop at Pearl Ridge which had a great turn out of about 100 people and got the crowd all amped up on bodyboarding. The contest has been through the Round 1-3 in the Mens as well as the Womens, Dropknee and Juniors finals all completed. All that is left is one day of riding for the final two Rounds of Mens before the Quarters, Semis and Finals. I am looking forward to getting in the water and riding the event. Smaller swell has made us have to wait until next weekend for the waves pick up and provide some awesome bodyboarding.

Photos by: Alex Perez, Jarrett Lau and Jr Maosi.

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