France has always been a destination where I have wanted to travel. Now that I have signed onto Sniper Bodyboards and with the Hoff Family, I decided that this trip to Europe I would make the effort to visit. 

I chose to fly into Bilbao, Spain hire a car and drive through the border to Bayonne, France. I would spend 3 days in France riding some of their beach breaks and then do some promotional signing sessions around the area. 

On day one I headed to the beach break in Biarritz called Hossegor, known for its awesome heavy waves that often lands in shallow water on the beach! Here I spent a full day on the beach riding with locals in the morning and then joining some of the younger french riders on a training session at the beach break later that afternoon. This was awesome to see the young guys showing me that the future of the sport in France is in really good hands. 

The day ended with a signing session at the well known OGM Bodyboard Shop to meet and sign posters for anyone who stopped by. The OGM bodyboard shop is right on the beach and really offered a lot of opportunity to meet all the local riders and talk everything bodyboarding. 

Photo: Kevin Lebesson

Day 2 of the France trip and it was another early start. We drove to another spot in the south of Biarritz and ended up riding some really fun waves. Again I was warmly welcomed by the locals and got to enjoy some great waves in between riding dropknee, prone and stand up. Later that day we took an hour drive south, across the border into Spain, down to Zumaia. This is the hometown of Alex Uranga and some of the best scenery around those parts. As it is part of the Basque country, we enjoyed some of the  cultural food and shared good times in and out of the water with the locals. Again at the end of this day I sat down to meet new friends and fans that have been following my travels and successes through the years. This was followed by another signing at Spot Surf Shop in the town of Zumaia. 

The last and final day I headed to the office where I met the entire staff of Hoff and get to learn what the company is all about. The long days had made me tired but learning about what the company vision is for the future got me energised and intrigued about the future.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that played a part in the trip to France and through Spain. To Benoît for showing me the best time and to the locals for allowing me to join in and get some waves with them. 

France Trip Day 1
France Trip 2018 Day 2 – France and Zumaia