Day 37 of Lockdown

Now let me explain one thing before we get into the happenings on day 37. I woke up to an immense amount of pain in my legs this morning from yesterday’s workout. Kind of something you feel after running a 5km you never prepared for or your first day back at training. It was so painful! I walked into the bathroom to sit down on the toilet and the groans and moans where out of sheer agony. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand and even when you sit down the hamstring cry out like a cub for its mother.  The kind of pain that hurts to the bones and sends you into a laughing, heavy exhale when sitting down at any point.

Now I know these complains seem a bit extreme but that workout was no joke. Both Rosie and I tried movements this morning and I could only manage a 15 minute walk before retiring to the bed. But I’m happy we did it. We need to do it more!

Taking time out of her busy schedule!

So let’s unpack day 35. A lot is happening in the world. Tomorrow all my friends in Portugal will be allowed back in the ocean after some 50 days of lockdown. 50 day!! Unreal. But for me I get to sit in the yard (prison term I mean) and endure the sun beating it’s hot fists onto my lolly white skin. 

Due to us training in garage so much and using it as our gym, sweeping it causes dust and this seems to settle on the cars. Today I shall clean the cars. So I got out my bucket and soap and while I was out there decided that all 3 of the household cars deserved some much needed TLC. I jumped at the opportunity to not only bathe in the midday sun but also get my shirt off and do the deed that cries to be done. An house later and I find myself using the silicone spray to get the wheels and plastic ascents looking showroom quality.

Evening sunsets from the “YARD”.

My day has got away from me once again. I lose track of time while doing the most mundane tasks. Again I jumped onto my game but this time along with some friend as we proceeded to team up and dominate the competition. I use the word dominant very loosely as we lost 1 out of the 3 games we played. It’s just fun to turn the microphones on, have a chat, laugh a little and get to hang out, metaphorically. 

Day 37 seemed a lot easier. It seems like the days are getting filled with a bunch of seemingly useless and unnecessary task to kill time. We keep on feeling as if we are trapped and have nothing to do, yet there is still something that needs to be done. Washing, cleaning and fixing anything in order to make this time pass by a little quicker than the day before. Something that will make our time stuck inside that much faster so we can get to the new normal. What is that?? I really don’t know but I think we all deserve a holiday after the imprisonment in our own homes. Anyway, day 37 of lockdown is over. On to day 38. 

Please note that we are listening to all the rules we are dealing with 100%. I have been social distancing and using all the right masks and hand sanitizers for safety. We as a household have been very careful and treating this situation with the utmost importance! 

Have a good day and stay safe 🙂

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