Day 36 of Lockdown

Sunday’s in this house have never been days to rest… now let me explain a bit more. Throughout my time living with Rosie there are very rarely moment where we just sit and relax for a day or so. Sunday’s are not days to sit back. It’s just like every other day, we train, we work and we get on with sh!t… 

Today has been a very interesting day. I suggested to Rosie that the best thing for us to do was a Sunday leg workout and for both of us, it wasn’t easy. It seems that our workout have never been easy. It’s not always early morning but we push ourselves through our paces and try to see if we can handle. We always seem to try and outdo each other,  friendly competition is what we should call it. That leads to Rosie suggesting some crazy ideas and I’m very seldom the one to complain.

Little Ellie girl having a Sunday Lie-In.

It’s quite a thing to get up in the morning and move, especially keeping up with the never tiring tyrant of a human that Rosie is. I mean that in the nicest way as it’s a driving force that gets me up and moving. Somewhat of a friend Sargent Major who will drop down and help you get your 20 push ups done! We did our workout to the tune of a multitude of songs leaving us swimming in pools of our own sweat. Nevertheless we walked out of the garage with our brows full of perspiration onto the wet cold floor from last night’s rain. Our legs feeling as if we had done a marathon and now giving the old runners shuffle back to our warm home. 

The days are tough to manage. It always seems like I lose track of time while still trying to play my game, doing the little admin I need to finish and do the odd social media scrolling. The time ticks by before lunch is made. Then I am back either watching series or playing games while Rosie is hard at work teaching lessons. This time gap apart bring a sense of satisfaction as we can focus on the things we have to do. Now I’m not saying that I enjoy being separated but that time really does become mine and mine alone. This has happened on a multitude of days before being reunited with each other and imprisoned into our confinement together again.

Today I have yet to find anything exciting other than the fact that I am writing another blog. This may be something that could become a daily occurrence or something that will soon be forgotten. My thoughts haven’t strayed into the negative mindset of yesterday. I am happy to have a warm cooked meal, a nice comfortable bed and the chance to interact with Rosie and the family. It’s small things like this that we take for granted on a day to day basis. We lose sight of the simple human touch that all of us crave so much. And although we sit stuck in lockdown, confined to our property borders, it pains me to see so many people losing jobs and not being able to get by. This is the real issue we need to face and not a stupid craving that I have for touching salt water. 

Tensions have seemed to spike and everyone countrywide is feeling the pressure of this lockdown. With official not giving up on the lockdown, people will reach a breaking point although the end is not near. People are writing letter to the government asking for some lenience which is definitely falling on deaf ears. Times are tough and things just don’t seem to be picking up in any way, other than the opportunity to get out of home for a few hours once a day. This brings me onto my end of this blog.

Please note that we am listening to all the rules we are dealing with 100%. I have been social distancing and using all the right masks and hand sanitises for safety. We as a household have been very careful and treating this situation with the utmost importance! 

Have a good day and stay safe 🙂 

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