South Africa is now on Day 35 of Lockdown and I’m over it! Today was a tough day for me. Although it had a good start, seeing some people I haven’t seen in a while, it has really got me thinking of new ideas as to how I can get busy during this lockdown. For me I have tried a lot of different things and accomplished many tasks I had been putting off. But as we keep walking through our days trying to find things to do it seems the novelty that once had a place with things to occupy ourselves with is slowly fading away like a sunset into the horizon.

I seem to have done more DIY, painting and carpentry then I ever imagined I would do in a month at home. During the lockdown I have managed to paint a bathroom, cut cupboards and build shelves. I designed a veggie box, painted a kitchen and put up a tool rack in the garage. All of these ideas came from complete boredom and not at all necessity.

Our little home with a HUGE change around!

Today was Different

Today was different though. Today I’m over this. I’ve had enough! The reason why on day 35 this has surfaced is beyond me but it has held me up against the wall and squeezed the air out of me. I tried to think of a reason, over and over again, but I end up in the same place, not wanting to do anything and just lying around trying to shoot people, figuratively, on Call Of Duty: Mobile (highly addictive phone game).

Although all of this is happening I also got the chance to watch one of the more interesting videos on Facebook by Jonno Proudfoot who speaks with a Stellenbosch professor Prof Patrick Bouic on how the immune system deals with the Covid-19 virus. I’m sure, like me, you will be pleasantly surprised with his answers. I have linked this video below because I honestly think it needs to be seen by many, many more people that can educate themselves. It opened my eyes to how I may be eating incorrectly and as someone with a inflammatory bowel disease it really got me quite concerned. I have decided to be extra careful going forward and not to put myself at more danger than I really need to.

Ocean Therapy

The lockdown has also inspired me to talk about my love for the ocean. Now I know what you thinking, he bodyboards so he must really love it, but you’re wrong! I have to have it! The ocean isn’t just a place where I can ride waves and enjoy the salt water around me keeping me afloat. This same ocean has allowed me to let my passion become a profession. I seriously just enjoy getting the water and letting it surround me like a warm blanket on a cold winters day. It fills my body with that same comfort and allows me to let go of anything building up inside me.

The ocean is a therapy for me. A way to get away for all forms of social media, technology and people! Yes you heard me, all of you guys, haha. I don’t answer to anyone, I am in my own thoughts and I am at peace in that place. The same things you get from being in a therapy session with your doctor. The same thing you feel out in the vast nothingness with no cell service. That’s how I feel once I get a good few waves and dunk my head under the salt water. It is a way for me to reset, rethink and reevaluate exactly what is happening in my life. I can be me. If I want to mess around, I can and that’s what makes it so free for me. I just want that feeling of freedom again. Ocean therapy freedom. To get out into the water and enjoy the salt air and sand. I want to get back into my therapy and out of this lockdown prison.

And Finally…

Although this is not the best way to deal with this lockdown it has been a way in which I can diminish the withdrawals in order to manage my thoughts. Talking or writing seems to be a brilliant way for me to let go and release the turmoil of thoughts lingering in my head. These thoughts seem to be in the same state I am living in, almost wanting to slip out and get in the ocean. Knowing that I can get them out and onto my digital paper seems like the best, and more importantly, legal way of getting through it.

I hope that you all are staying safe during this tough time we are all facing. I have been having a great time but today I got irritated and it helped me to release some frustrations into a blog post just for you. I’m hoping to continue with a few more of these in the coming days and let you get into my head.

Please also note that I am listening to all the rules we are dealing with 100%. I have been social distancing and using all the right masks and hand sanitises for safety. We as a household have been very careful and treating this situation with the utmost importance!

Have a good day and stay safe 🙂