This mornings Monday Movie pays tribute to three people; Charles Pass, Michael Ostler and Jason Duvenage who discovered this gem of a wave down the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa. These guys were lucky enough to get to ride this wave many times before the crowds moved in and this video was made showcasing this wave. I am happy to say that this is colonels at its best I, personally, have seen it.

“Uploaded on┬áDec 24, 2011

Wave ridden by bodyboarders in RSA this past winter.
This was ridden by Pride Bodyboard Riders and Thiel Bodyboard Riders.
All the videography was done with a GoPro Hero HD.
The riders were: Jake Rosenberg, Michael Ostler, Iain Campbell, Alex Chang, Dane Beales, Bevan Langley, Ryan Cuttler, Guy Johnson.”

This is the first edit I ever did so please excuse any imperfections.