After a quick trip to Sintra for the Sintra Portugal Pro, we are back up in Nazare for a week of waves, good times and a little bit of rain. Follow me as I show you what it is like to be back in Nazare with Tristan Roberts, Rosie and Maxime Castillo.

WORKOUT: (2 sets of every exercise)
LEGS 50 Squats 25 Sumo Squats 25 Lunges (each leg) 45 Second wall sits 50 Calf Raises
ABS 50 Crunches 25 Side Crunches (each side) 25 Leg Raises 30 Flutter Kicks 45 Second Plank
ARMS 10 Press ups 15 Tricep Dips 45 Second Arm Circles (weighted with fins)

Additional footage by: Rosie Lombard