2018 Iain Campbell Pro Model Sniper Bodyboards

This is my official video for my 2018 Sniper Bodyboards Iain Campbell Pro Model. This is footage from home and around the world showing my boards ridden in some of the best waves. Find all the Iain Campbell Sniper Bodyboards available worldwide now.

Editor: Render Films

Render Films
Rosie Lombard
Palm Productions
Meduxa Mag
Dave McMaster 
Budeo (Jimmy Brown)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this production possible…

About the Sniper Bodyboards Iain Campbell Pro Model:

The shape caters for a wide variety of waves, allowing you to ride steep, heavy waves like Pipeline, all the way through to you fast running waves like Skeleton Bay. This board is amazing in the barrel with fast down the line speed and the materials used allow for pop when you hit the section.

The nose is slightly narrow so to keep it from digging into the wave while the wide point sits 2/5 down the board. This allow the bottom turn to hold and project you down the line with at some fast speeds, allowing for drive and straight lines to the lip.

IAIN have chosen to ride in between two commonly known rail angles: 55/45. The 50/50 rails is known for small surf, less drag and lighter riders while the 60/40 angle is bigger waves, more control and heavier riders. Choosing to go in between these two angles offers a board that is well rounded and ridden by anyone. It will allow you to take this board and ride bigger waves as well as enjoy the smaller fun day.

IAIN nose bulbs are the standard design through the sniper range which allows to have a little bit of an extra grip on the nose.

IAIN contours have been designed by him from the angles on the logo to flow down the board. It flows all the way down the rail to where you would be holding on the board. The elbow groove keeps your elbow in place on the turns as well as adding a stylish look to the board.

2018 Sniper Bodyboards Iain Campbell Pro Model

2 thoughts on “2018 Iain Campbell Pro Model Sniper Bodyboards”

  1. Goodnight,

    Your new pro model is for dk too?

    183cm 77kg weight and measure you recommend I buy your bobyboard in 42 “or 41.5”?

    Thanks and greetings from Spain?

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