Summer Mid-November

I have never had the chance to come home to South Africa at the start of summer expecting waves. However, since i have been in Cape Town, the thought has really been on my mind. This week has been unreal. Conditions about as good as it gets with a few people, the ones not writing exams, out in the water enjoying the waves and all having a good time. In between my work on Chasing The Southern Sun, I was able to stop by my enjoyed Cape spot to get in on some of the action. 

This midweek day I was lucky to get an absolutely stunning day around the corner from my house. Waves were small but I had the chance to score some glassy, fun conditions with the water colour being unreal. The turquoise water was so clear we watched a school of fish right below us and could see for meters underwater. I decided to get my Mouth Mount out and fasten the GoPro to it and try get some crystal clean barrels. Watching a few come through I knew it would be epic to just get a few ramps and maybe even get a few good clips. 

After the good fun session I was back on the computer looking at footage and I was so blown away by all the colours, clean water and dramatic backdrop to these awesome waves. I have been living in a dream world down here. I am so fortunate to get these waves during the week, in mid November, as we move into the summer time fun down here in the Cape. Check out the clip below.

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