I Got a Package | Vlog 7

This week was another epic week. I started at Caves with a really fun session. Carden and Tristan Roberts came down. Carden was  filming the epic sequence to the start of the vlog with his drone and camera from the beach.  Went up the west coast, just to get skunked and then came back and did a good training session with Philip. Philip and I are heading into the last four weeks before I head to the first event of my 2018 calendar on the APB World Tour. 

I talk about nutrition as well as show you a dinner I made during the week. Nutrition is such an important part of being and athlete and competing at a top level. With the help from Rosie, I was able to discuss how and why I choose to eat the way I do. It was epic to let me know the understanding behind calories, Fats, carbs and proteins. Lastly it was a really good end to the week full of riding and eating good food!

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