Awe-Inspiring August

The past month of August has been tough for me but in turn we get stronger, fight harder and come out looking forward with positivity. Here I am sitting writing a blog post being in good health, great fitness levels and riding the best I have ever! I have gathered enormous amounts of good footage for my movie, Chasing The Southern Sun, while feeling confident for the up and coming European tour starting in two weeks.

Moving forward this is where I want to be everytime I travel but this time feels different for me. I was lucky enough to have my dad with me this past weekend and got the opportunity to head to Cape Town and spend some quality time with him. These are the times I cherish and make me keen to do it more often. This was not to mention the fact that he came and sat at the beach and watched me ride some waves for two days straight! 

Caves Afternoon Barrel. Photo: Stefan Bouwer

As far as getting waves, Cape Town is never short of the opportunity to get wet. Places that I have never seen break are suddenly getting waves through winter times and I have been loving it. I was fortunate to get some good winter Caves sessions with all the boys and score some fun waves as well as many spots in town.

This weekend more swell arrives with only a week before I am set to depart this is looking like the last weekend full of waves and opportunity to get some more clips for the movie. I know I talk about it a lot but I can’t believe how much work it takes to get a short film out to people. This has taken me a few months just to chase swells, put efforts to getting waves and nailing a few clips in the water, lifestyle and general life, not an easy feat!

Chasing The Southern Sun. Frame: Wesley Lewis

We now look to the final week before I fly out to ride the last 4 events of the APB Tour. This is when it’s tough goodbyes to loved ones and focus on what you’ve set out to do. First stop is the Sintra Event starting on the 12 – 17 September. Let’s go!  

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